Investments and management

Investments into Apparel sector

Finland & Baltic Sea region, Russia & EAEU

Investments and M&A

1. We invest into our apparel production cluster near Moscow
2. We invest (M&A) into Apparel related assets in Finland & Russia (Baltic Sea Region & EAEU):

  • production
  • distribution
  • retail
  • eShoping

Investment possibilities for our partners

Our partners have the possibility to invest into Apparel Sector in Finland and Russia.

Facilities or as investment product – into apparel related assets in Finland & Russia.

Ticket size is tailor made to our customers’ needs and goals and is starting from 1M € up to 100M € and above.

Localization and management

Turn key services of localization on your production (including co-investments) in Russia, with focus on EAEU market and China:

  • setting up from ground zero and / or
  • administration and management of production facilities and operational units

Vokant Group holding

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Anton Lozhnikov

Anton Lozhnikov, CEO

Elina Kristola

Elina Kristola, VP