We provide private label production, OEM, ODM and sourcing to our partners

Finland & Baltic Sea region, Russia & EAEU

We are specialized in technical and warm base layers since 1998. We manufacture wide collection of functional apparel with our own brands Laplandic, Guahoo and Inari and Private Label products according to customer’s needs.

We manufacture functional base layers and underwear in our own factory in Moscow region, Russia. As a manufacturer we have high standards and we can guarantee you the best possible quality.



  • Product design, trims and package design
  • Measurement charts and fitting
  • Quality control
  • Delivery time control
  • Logistics & customs clearance
  • Certifications if needed for Russia
  • Warehouse services & dispatching






Vokant Group holding

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Anton Lozhnikov

Anton Lozhnikov, CEO


Elina Kristola

Elina Kristola, VP