Sell to Europe now!!!

Get the access Today to 750 millions of customers via:

  • European Marketplaces 
  • Retailers 

For as little as 500€/month

Why with us?

  • Minimum starting budget 
  • Fast startup 
  • Over 20 years of experience in apparel sales 
Vokant group

How it works?

We help you FREE of charge 

  • Select the products to sell (ca. 1-10 to start with) 
  • Make sure they comply with EU regulations 

Administration: as little as 500€/month for the 1st year. 

You only pay for the costs

  • Ship your products to our warehouse 
  • Warehousing, pick & pack, deliveries and returns 
  • Marketplace integrations and monthly fees 
  • Internal marketing in marketplaces, or any other places 

You keep all the profits from sales!

Price range in nordic countries - apparel webshop-01

An example of costs

1 jacket: 

  • Delivery to Finland -> depends on your logistics partner 
  • 12% for customs clearance 
  • receiving goods at the warehouse 1,90€/SKU 
  • warehouse rent 2,5€/shelf meter/month 
  • Pick & pack + shipping box 2,25€/SKU 
  • Delivery to for example Germany 8,46€
  • Returns handling at warehouse 1,90€/SKU

500€/month (1-10 SKUs)

Our services

This is a flat monthly fee for 1st year, based on 1-10 SKUs. It covers all the  

administration services: 

  • Daily management of sales and operations 
  • Data maintenance in online shops and Marketplaces 
  • Inventory management, orders, shipments and returns 
  • Price management 
  • Marketing management 
  • Customer support
  •  Negotiations with Marketplaces and retailers

Vokant Group holding

Contact information

Vokant Group Oy
Kutomotie 16
00380 Helsinki
Tel: +358 10 666 7860

Anton Lozhnikov

Anton Lozhnikov, CEO

Elina Kristola

Elina Kristola, VP